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The Design Kids San Diego



The Design Kids (or TDK for short), is a global organization that offers workshops, events, and free resources for design students and recent grads. Mackenzie Hansen and I run the San Diego chapter. Visit the website to learn more!



Sick of the same classmates and being in a design bubble? Want to meet creative directors but no idea where? Fancy some new design friends or want to add some cooler design stuff to your social life? We hold monthly meetups called #TDKtuesdays around the world the first Tuesday of the month.

We’ve decided here at The Design Kids HQ that there is waaaay too much emailing and not enough socializing. So roll on #TDKtuesdays, where every first Tuesday of the month our fabulous city hosts organize a space to hang out, have a beer and encourage anyone interested to come along! Some of the highlights from previous years include multiple job opportunities, book swaps, team camping holidays, internships, collaborations, new friendships and group shows. It's a great place for design students, graduates and professionals to meet other design students, graduates and professionals, talk some shit, swap notes, get involved and just generally build a bigger and better design community in their cities. If you are shy and “networking” (dirty word) is hard, this is an easy place to start. Grab a friend and come say hi!



Since we run free events, we volunteer our time and are always looking for sponsors! If you have food, drinks, or a venue space, please get in touch! We’re always keen to work with you on promoting your business on social media, adding your logo to our event graphics, leaving great reviews on Yelp, and more!



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